Our Development Process

Our Development Process



Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6

Initial Consultation
Organization Overview
Needs Assessments
Project Objectives
Project Plan
Project Scope
System Architecture
Development Schedule
Project Budget
System Development
Interface Design
Database Programming
Application Programming
Progress Updates
System Testing
Client Feedback
Modifications and Changes
Final Review
Final Modifications
User Training

Project Management

Quality Management

Our project managers are all trained and educated in business management practices, software technologies and project management. Working with the client, our project managers coordinates all elements of the project with programmers, designers, testers and network administrators to bring the project to completion. All of our software systems go through multiple stages of testing during the development phases, two testing phases with the client and a final live testing stage prior to full deployment and implementation.

Service & Support


All of our systems are on redundant data centres with multiple fail safes and regular backups. Combined with 24/7 technical support, we ensure minimal downtime.
Platform: Cloud, Mobile, Private Server
Database: MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL
Languages: PHP, .NET, Java