Types of Applications We Have Built

Types of Applications We Have Built


These are some of the software applications we have developed for clients along with some of the functions and features in the system. But since we custom build each system based on a specific client's needs and requirements, the individual systems will differ with each project.



Sales Management


Sales Leads | Sales Quotes | Sales Cycle Management | Opportunities Tracking | Personnel Management | Performance Tracking | Client Accounts Management


Client Management


Client Profile | Billings | Work History | Contacts Profiles | Communications Records | Sales Opportunities | Service Requests | Notes and Comments


Employee Management


Electronic and Mobile Timecard | Employee Records | Payroll Reports | Scheduling | Training | Orientation | Certifications and Tickets Record Management | Employee Evaluation


Forms and Records Management


Electronic Forms and Records | Cloud and Mobile Access | Custom Database | Custom Branding and Print Layout | Permission and Access Control | Custom Reports




Mobile Timecard


Employee Profiles | Timecard App | Supervisor App | Timecard Records | Payroll Reports | Scheduling | Job Assignments | Job Hours Reports


Project/Job Management


Project Scheduling | Work Orders Management | Resource Management | Employee Management | Cost Control | Time Records | Custom Reporting | Contractor Records | Asset Tracking


Cost Management


Labour Cost | Material Cost | Equipment Cost | Contractor Cost | Expense Claims | Cost of Sales | Custom Cost Reports | Cost Control and Tracking


Asset/Equipment Management


Asset Profile | Asset Records | Asset Service and Maintenance | Asset Costs | Asset Tracking | Asset Billings | Asset Assignment | Asset Usage Reports